How do I say “Happy Birthday” in Ukrainian?

There is no celebration more universal than a birthday. For every culture, it is a joy to be alive one more year. One more year in which some achieved their goals like graduating from college, getting healthier, finding love or getting the job, you always aspired for. Some people with less joy are just happy to overcome a disease or to sadly see a loved one for the last time. The birthday is a day where you can reflect on what you have gained or lost over the course of time and most importantly,

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It is a well-known fact that Russian and Ukrainian women are considered to be most gorgeous not only in Europe, but across the whole globe. For tourists this becomes evident from the first day of their arrival. So are there any chances to date these women and how does their culture influence their thinking? And most importantly, do Ukrainian women like black men?
The standards of beauty differ, but mostly according to superficial aspects, such as clothing and tidiness. Music plays

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Why do foreigners prefer Ukrainian girls for marriage?

In order to answer this question we should explain a lot of things. Of course, we can say that Ukrainian girls are beautiful, smart and good housekeepers and wives, but it would be a very facile answer. So, let?s go a little bit deeper! There are millions of women in Western countries. From the statistical point of view, there are millions of smart, beautiful women and good housekeepers, but it doesn?t matter and hundreds of thousands of men still look for the dating sites with Russian

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Ukraine Is the Country with the Most Beautiful Girls in the World

Why exactly Ukrainian girls? Because these ladies are the most amazing, well-groomed, good-natured and sincere women. The main part of foreign men prefer dating with Ukrainian girls, rather than with women from other countries. It is a well-known fact that Ukrainian girl tries to keep an excellent look 24 hours a day. You will understand it, once the meeting face-to-face happens. She has a slim shape and gorgeous appearance. Ukrainian bride is very devoted and fair with her man. Besides, Ukrainian

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Why Ukrainian Women Are So Special

The Internet is full of opportunities for any sphere of our life. Here you can work, spend your leisure activity and, of course, find a beloved person and just soulmates. It is quite interesting to communicate with people from all over the world, learn new cultures and traditions. Moreover, long distance relationships will help you to understand the sense of real feelings. Online dating is a suitable way to meet a partner without any boring searching. KateDating is one of the best dating agencies,

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Secrets of Successful Dating

Ukrainian traditions and customs may seem funny or weird, but if you follow them, you will succeed.

  • Do not pass things over a threshold if you stand on different sides of it. It brings bad luck according to local beliefs.
  • You can present flowers only if their quantity is not even. For example, five roses are great, but twenty-two flowers will be very bad.
  • You are not allowed to put something empty onto the table because you have the floor for this. Exception works for alcohol

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Best Dating Tips

In increasing frequency, modern society encounters with the fact that people often try to find their love on dating websites. It is common in today’s world, that the half of our time is occupied by the eternal haste. That is why, the best place to talk with people is a dating website, likewise¬†

Everyone can easily sign up there and get acquainted with amazing girls or handsome men. Every member of Bridesplaza creates the own world (profile) that

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Travel Guide to Ukraine


Ukraine is located in the +2 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Zone. It is also important to mention that the clock is put forward and back twice a year. The clock is set on an hour forward in the last week of March, hence it is called a Summer Time. The Winter Time is when the clock is set on an hour backward in the last week of October. Therefore, there is a big time difference with other countries. So, you should mark this fact and recall about it every time you would like to communicate with a

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Meet Ukrainian Brides Online

Online dating agencies help men from all over the world build relationships with most beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage, long lasting relationships or sex.

Meet Most Beautiful Ukrainian Women

It is not a secret that Ukraine is a place of beauty and sincere feelings. Get acquainted with  gorgeous girls on the Earth. Attractive appearance is combined with a pure soul inside. Only these females may turn your world upside down with one look. Do not waste a second on hesitation and throw away prejudices.

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