What a Foreigner Should Expect from His First Date in Kiev

Portrait of in loved coupleting with the girls in Kiev? Well, the capital of Ukraine provides many opportunities for dating and deserves to be on the list of the best European cities for the romantic adventure.
Here are some tips that will help a foreigner in Kiev.

  1. Being a foreigner is an advantage.

In Ukraine, people are very hospitable and love communicating with the foreigners. So if you like a local girl and look for the proper reason to talk to her just approach her and ask for help, for example, ask her to give you the directions. Or you might be even more straight-forward and ask a girl of your interest to go to the café for a cup of coffee. If she hesitates, don’t insist in order not to scare her away, just find out her phone number and call her the next day.

  1. Pretty young business woman wearing formal clothesDon’t be a bighead.

Ukrainian people like to boast, but usually, it happens in front of the friends and relatives. Do not try to show off that you’ve got a lot of money or that you’re a foreigner. In addition, quite a lot of people in Ukraine do not like when a foreigner tries to resolve problems or make friends by means of the money. Therefore be generous and show some manners – take care of the girl, have a meal in the restaurant and pick up the bill. Buying expensive presents at the very start of the relationship is also considered as a bad manner.

  1. A girl may be protected at first.

Some Ukrainian girls are too conservative and afraid to go out with foreigners. In order to make sure that nothing harms them, they may ask their male friends or relatives to take a look at you before the first date. So when you come to pick up a girl, be ready to meet some new people in her apartment. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about. Just have a small talk and go with a girl to a nice place where you both will relax.

  1. A date may be planned in advance by means of the online dating sites.

Some men do not like to pick up the girls in the public places. Besides, finding a girl in another country that can speak a foreign language may be quite challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, there is a possibility to use a dating web-site that has a database with profiles of the Ukrainian girls. You will have plenty of time to find a girl that you like. What is more, she will get to know you too before you arrive. As the result, the chances for the successful relationship will increase.

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