Why do foreigners prefer Ukrainian girls for marriage?

In order to answer this question we should explain a lot of things. Of course, we can say that Ukrainian girls are beautiful, smart and good housekeepers and wives, but it would be a very facile answer. So, let’s go a little bit deeper! There are millions of women in Western countries. From the statistical point of view, there are millions of smart, beautiful women and good housekeepers, but it doesn’t matter and hundreds of thousands of men still look for the dating sites with Russian or Ukrainian brides. Why?

Young women in ukrainian clothes
Young women in ukrainian clothes, with garland and round loaf on black background

The first thing you should do in order to understand the reasons is to forget about some of the stereotypes. Ukrainian girls don’t wear vyshyvankas (traditional embroidered shirts) every day and borsch isn’t their favorite meal. But as for the other stereotypes the majority of them is true. Let’s see. Ukrainian women are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. Well, frankly speaking, they share the top with Sweden girls, but who cares about those little details? So, the myth about beauty Ukrainian girls is actually not a myth. This reason is one of the biggest reasons why foreigners prefer girls from Ukraine for marriage of course, it’s cool when your wife can cook well, but the first thing you friends will notice about your wife is not her cooking skill. It’s her appearance, and here Ukrainian women have no rivals. We don’t know what the reason is maybe that’s because we didn’t have a witch-hunt in the Dark Ages, so our beautiful women weren’t burned during the Middle Ages, like in Europe. Or, maybe another historical fact is the reason Ukraine is situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia so it was conquered by Slavs, Persian, Turkish, Mongols and others lots of times. That’s why Ukrainians are people with mixed blood and you can be sure that we took the best from all of them! You would definitely like Ukrainian girls with beautiful brown hair and nice blue eyes. Another reason why foreigners like Ukrainian girls is related to their appearance, too. They take care of themselves, which means you will not meet a Ukrainian woman without makeup and in baggy clothes, even if she has just went out to get some food in a shop near her house. They always look after themselves, and that’s why they are always beautiful and well-groomed. Even in the mornings (and we don’t know how they do that!). But, well, appearance is important but it’s not everything. Ukrainian girls can make a home atmosphere everywhere, so say goodbye to your bachelor pad Ukrainian woman will create a cozy atmosphere and won’t forget about hearth and home. Family hearth, along with husband and children are actually the highest values for women from Ukraine.

Attractive woman wears Ukrainian national dress
Attractive woman wears Ukrainian national dress

If you have a Ukrainian wife, you will definitely be surprised by her cooking skills. American and European women prefer not to “waste” time on cooking, and they will more likely order some food or go to a restaurant. This can’t be said about an average Ukrainian woman. They love to cook, and, what’s more important, they can cook although it’s not usual for Western women to prepare morning meal, dinner and supper, you will be pleased by Ukrainian girls’ skills. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about visiting restaurants with your Ukrainian wife, but they don’t need it every day. Another reason is independence. Women from Ukraine are independent and confident, and you will be surprised by their commitment although family hearth are of the highest priority, your Ukrainian wife will not miss the opportunity to learn your language and to get a job at your country. But they are also very amenable and flexible. Unlike Western women, Ukrainians aren’t stubborn, they can get on with almost every man. Having a Ukrainian wife means being a man of the house be ready that your woman will listen to you. That’s why they are completely different, not like the American and European women. And men like it! The last but not least, Ukrainian women are smart and intelligent. You shouldn’t think that they only can stay at home while you earn money. The majority of them have at least Bachelor diplomas, a Ukrainian bride is a good company for talking on different subjects. So taking all these advantages into account, shouldn’t you try to find a Ukrainian wife?

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