How do I say “Happy Birthday” in Ukrainian?

There is no celebration more universal than a birthday. For every culture, it is a joy to be alive one more year. One more year in which some achieved their goals like graduating from college, getting healthier, finding love or getting the job, you always aspired for. Some people with less joy are just happy to overcome a disease or to sadly see a loved one for the last time. The birthday is a day where you can reflect on what you have gained or lost over the course of time and most importantly, what you want to become in the future.
Every country has a way of expressing a greeting for this day using language, and it is time to talk about saying Happy Birthday Ukrainian language and to celebrate through words the fact of being alive.
Ukrainian is very particular, and when it comes to wishing a happy birthday, there are two ways to say it:
Common “Happy birthday.”
З днем народження in Ukrainian graphology, it is translated exactly as “happy birthday”. This is the most common and universal way of wishing someone you like to have an amazing and happy day of celebration. With this phrase, people are expressing the happiness they feel about the fact the person who is in birthday is alive and well, fulfilling his goals and going through one more year. Happy birthday in the Ukrainian language is often combined in the most poetic ways to demonstrate the joy this day makes people feel. For example, you can say:БагатощасливихповерненьВашогоднянародження!Translated as “Many happy returns of your birthday!”
To wish “many summers.”
The second way of greeting someone on the day of their birth is with МногаяЛітаin Ukrainian graphology, and it is translated to “many summers”. This way of saying happy birthday Ukrainian language comes from the strong cultural importance summer season has to Ukraine citizens. There are a lot of traditions that celebrate the coming and the end of summer, for instance, the Kupala night that celebrates the summer solstice. This is a way of expressing to someone the happiness they feel for the person who has survived the past winter, and a wish for that person to live through for many summers to come.
Now that you know the two ways to say happy birthday  Ukrainian language, impress your friends with your new knowledge and next time they have a birthday, share this with them.


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