Secrets of Successful Dating

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Ukrainian traditions and customs may seem funny or weird, but if you follow them, you will succeed.

  • Do not pass things over a threshold if you stand on different sides of it. It brings bad luck according to local beliefs.
  • You can present flowers only if their quantity is not even. For example, five roses are great, but twenty-two flowers will be very bad.
  • You are not allowed to put something empty onto the table because you have the floor for this. Exception works for alcohol drinks and their containers.
  • When you come to a posh restaurant, security guys may ask you to show what you have in your pockets and your bag.
  • When having a party, there should be only one person to pour alcohol drinks into glasses. Ukrainians do not change hands as they say even if one person will have to do it during a long party.summer holidays, technology, love, relationship and dating concept - smiling couple taking selfie with smartphone in the city
  • If someone whistles inside a home place of any person, money will never appear there. Locals believe in this saying, so it is advisable not to argue with them.
  • You can congratulate a Ukrainian mate with a birthday only on the day of celebration. You can do it at one minute past midnight, but not earlier that time to bring good luck.
  • Where do you wear a wedding ring? Locals do it on their right hands.
  • Take off a hat and your shoes when you come in a Ukrainian home place.
  • You can ask for a pair of slippers to feel comfortable.
  • When you enter a local church, you have to take off your hat. Women must put on a shawl on a head.
  • If you invite guests to your home in Ukraine, be aware that single girls cannot sit at the corner of tables. Locals believe girls will not get married if they do it.
  • In case you leave a place and leave there something accidentally, look into the mirror for a second to avoid bad luck as locals say.
  • Do not be surprised when a cashier in the supermarket will ask you to put money on a special stand not to take them directly from your hands. It can happen with any person at any place, so just ask about how to pass the money properly every time you do it.
  • It is not a good idea to give back borrowed money in the evening.
  • If you want to go past sitting people in a theater or cinema, you should go facing people faces in front of you. It will be very polite.
  • Throw out rubbish in the morning or during the day, but not in the evening.
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