Travel Guide to Ukraine

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Ukraine is located in the +2 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Zone. It is also important to mention that the clock is put forward and back twice a year. The clock is set on an hour forward in the last week of March, hence it is called a Summer Time. The Winter Time is when the clock is set on an hour backward in the last week of October. Therefore, there is a big time difference with other countries. So, you should mark this fact and recall about it every time you would like to communicate with a lady from Ukraine. In order to find out the exact time, you can always contact KateDating Team.


No less Important fact is the electricity. Electrical appliances in Ukraine functions under the 220V. As a result, Ukrainian plugs and wall sockets of the two pin style, have a considerable difference in comparison to North America and the U.K. So, if you are planning to visit Ukraine, do not forget to take an International Power Adaptor and a power converter. Thus, your trip will be much more convenient, if there are no problems with electronics. In event you have valuable equipment, you had better bring a surge protector. Important note: Ukrainian residents use various types of outlet configuration. So, try to find European outlets (new) and old Soviet type. The main difference concludes in the diameter of the pins. European pins are thicker, than the Soviet ones.



Ukrainian tap water is not as clear and high quality as in USA, for instance. Hence, we don’t recommend foreign visitors drinking it without special filter. If you do not have free time to find a filter, you can just buy a bottled water. The most popular and genuine brands of water are BonAqua, Morshins’ka and Mirhorodska. For cooking food or, even, making a tea or coffee, you should always use different types of filters (water purifiers) that you may buy in any supermarket.


National Ukrainian Currency is Hryvnia (Hryvna, Hryvnya, Grivna). 1 Hryvnia corresponds to 100 kopiykas. Lettered code is – UAH, numeric code – 980 and the abbreviated name – Hrn. You can always be kept in the loop of the relevant currency exchange that you can get to know in accordance to the standards of the National Bank of Ukraine. To the all, this authority is empowered to issue Ukrainian money and set the current exchange rate.  There are banknotes of different value, such as: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 Hryvnias. There are coins such as: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 kopiykas.

As to the foreign currency, likewise USA dollars and Euros, this currency is the most popular and valuable in Ukraine. Therefore, you had better bring US dollars or Euros with you without exchanging it previously. Since US dollars and Euros are not accepted in shops, bars and restaurants, you can easily exchange your money in special exchange places. For example, in hotels, banks, exchange kiosks or airports. Make sure that your banknotes look new and crispy to the touch. If you were offered torn or crumpled banknotes, ask the person, who fulfilled this operation to change it. As to the procedure of currency exchange, you do not have to show your passport data. Try to avoid changing money with suspicious people who offer you to do it without any bank or other special place. Your approximate amount of expenses could be from $80.00 up to $150.00 per day. It depends on places you would like to visit alone or with your lady. The best way to spend money is through the Visa or MasterCard. Be always cautious and keep your money in the safe place. We don’t advise you to keep them in your pocket! There are different cases of pickpocketing, especially in public places and transport.


Climate in Ukraine

Ukrainian climate is quite mild and warm. Hot and dry summers contrast with chill and harshest winters. However, sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. The standard daytime temperature in the winter period is, approximately, between -5 and -20 °C. In Ukraine possibly happen, even, strong snowfalls and snowstorms. The daily summer temperature can reach the mark of 25-30°C, or sometimes higher. Summer in Ukraine is the best time to enjoy clear and sunny weather. So, the best time to visit Ukraine is in summer or in spring. The average temperature in this period is 24°C. Summer and spring days are mostly warm and without rainy clouds. Nevertheless, you should put on some warm clothes, if you plan to go out at night. If you want to visit the exotic places with the seashore, the best place in Ukraine is Odessa city. This shiny and friendly place is the most picturesque and wonderful in Ukraine. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea while drinking refreshing cocktails on the sandy coast.

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There is the most popular airline that constantly makes flights to Ukraine and beyond the country – Airbaltic.

Its contacts:

Tel: +380 (44) 238-26-49


Carpatair airline that is based in Timisoara (Romania), makes regular flights to Kiev and offers more than 34 flights to the whole Europe.

Its contacts:

Tel: +(40) 256 300 900


Ukraine International offers flights from Ukraine to Europe, CIS, Bangkok, USA or other region. It provides clients with convenient time table and high level of security.

Its contacts:

Tel: +380 (44) 461-50-50


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