Are Ukrainian Dating Sites and Ukrainian Brides Fake?

Having been listed as the world’s most beautiful women in 2015 it’s clear the women in the Ukraine are sought after by men drawn to their beauty and flirtatious nature. How “real” are Ukrainian dating sites though? If you google Ukrainian women you will find plenty of “free” Ukrainian dating sites, as well as Ukrainian international dating websites advertising Ukrainian women and brides, but are the women for real? Well, the truth about Ukrainian brides and dating sites are quite complex. So let’s have a closer look at it.

The Real Deal – Curious Women Looking for Adventure

There are plenty of beautiful women in the Ukraine who are looking for men from abroad, simply because they find it exciting. What girl doesn’t dream of traveling the world? And if you don’t have the financial means to join the jet set, meeting friends and dates from abroad have its allure. These women are often young, curious and up for adventure.

The Fakes – Desperate Women Looking to Make a Living

There are also plenty of Ukrainian women looking to make money and cheap dating sites (cheap in every way of the word that is!) prey on these women, telling them that by joining their site they can make money talking to foreigners. Foreigners they will never have to meet. These women have no intention of finding a date, or a husband, they’re simply looking for a salary. Sadly the companies they work for often rip them off too; promising them a pay they never deliver.

In some instances it’s not even the woman on the photo the men are talking to – she’s only called in when the person wants to do video chat. These are the Ukrainian dating scams you need to avoid and there are some signs to look out for to spot the scams.

The men who join these sites often pay every time they talk to a woman (which in and of itself should ring a warning bell). If they wish to do a video chat with her, they have to charge more, even though Skype is readily available for free. The only thing that should cost in case of video conversations is a translator if such is needed.

An Easy Way to Tell Real from Fake

An easy way for a man to check if a woman is for real on a dating site is to call her and chat to her over phone and video. If translators are needed they can be arranged through the dating site, but he should still be able to call her at night simply to say good night over Skype – no translator is needed for that and it allows for the man to see she’s genuine (and not always at work when talking to him).

ukrainian ladyReal Ukrainian Women Looking for Marriage

So do real Ukrainian women for marriage exist? Yes, indeed they do. But as with any dating, these women are looking to find Mr Right and not just any guy. You will notice they are looking for a great match and not just any international man. They aren’t gold diggers, but rather serious women looking for love and adventure.


An Anti-Scam Policy That Works

At KateDating we have an anti-scam policy and all the women who have a profile on our site have been verified (we do background checks) and we offer in-house translation if the woman does not speak fluent English to ensure you get the real deal and not pretty lies made up by the translator. Our VIP package even includes video chatting with the translator and you get a certain amount of messages you can send, included in the deal. In other words, we don’t charge you every time you wish to send a letter or chat. The costs are straight up (and needed for us to maintain the site and ensure the women who join are serious women). If you want to find out more you can have a look and sign up at

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