Do young Ukrainian girls really dig older American men?


Why are Ukrainian girls interested in older American men and are their feeling honest?
Long story short, yes. They are interested, they like American men and they (well, the great majority of them) are honest and don’t lie. There are lots of reasons for it:

  • Ukrainian men are not as interested as the American men. We don’t want to offend anyone, but hey  they don’t care about themselves, don’t go sports, they are not very active and the majority of them would prefer to watch TV with alcohol instead of going out with a girl. That’s sad, but, well, that’s one of the biggest reasons why American men are very interested for Ukrainian brides.
  • The other reason is that American men are polite and respectful. Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common problem in Ukraine and Russia, and of course, women don’t want to suffer from it. American men can give Ukrainian women what do they need (at least respect and love), and Ukrainian men often can’t give it— it’s also a big reason of why Ukrainians look for American guys.
  • Well, let’s be honest, the economical situation is not very good both in Russia and Ukraine. These countries (especially Ukraine) aren’t the most stable countries in the world and sometimes women don’t know what to expect and what will happen tomorrow. Marriage with an American man can make a life of a Ukrainian woman much more stable and financially secured. Taking into account the fact that marriage, husband and kids are of the highest priority for Ukrainian women, we can say that to marry American means to have a better life for children and for a girl. Fairly speaking, who wouldn’t agree to fall in love and to improve life conditions?

And this list isn’t exhausting, it contains the most common and the biggest reasons only. Of course, American men also like Ukrainian brides because they are not just very beautiful (according to the surveys, Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world!), but also intelligent (the great majority of them has finished university or college). They are also very good housekeepers, and their advantage is that, well, of course they need respect and love, but they don’t really care about feminism your Ukrainian wife will clean your home, cook food (by the way, they cook really good and Ukrainian meals are the things that will definitely impress you) without any complains. That’s what they have been always done and they have no problems with it. They are the best mothers, housekeepers and wives, and your friends will be impressed by your Ukrainian wife’s beauty. In short words, these are the most important advantages of women from Ukraine.

The reason of the rumors and myths about Ukrainian women is that even old American men attract the ladies from Ukraine. In most cases, they don’t need a young guy who is studying in college the most popular age is 30-50. American men are handsome, fit, active and quite rich in their 30s, 40s and 50s, and that’s exactly what Ukrainian men lack. An average American man who uses dating services wants to find a partner for the rest of his life, wants to settle down finally and to have children and Ukrainian women often want the same. That’s why Ukrainian girls don’t really care how old an American man is if it’s true and real love, they will marry and have a happy life, and it doesn’t matter even if she is 18 and he is 50. An average Ukrainian girl is not a gold digger, she just wants to find love, and if the American man wants the same, they shouldn’t worry about the age difference.

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